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Inquiries, YouTubers, layoffs: Inman’s Top 5 stories of the week (June 24-30, 2022)

Looking for a quick catch-up on the buzziest stories of the week? Here’s Inman Top 5, the most essential stories of the week, according to Inman readers.

1. Congress targets investors and asks: ‘Where have all the houses gone?’

Aerial view of planned subdivision near Minneapolis, United States

Committee takes up the growing reach of institutional investors at a hearing this week. The biggest companies now own more than 280,000 single-family homes to rent.

2. 5 things to know before choosing a geographic farm

When it comes to geographic farming, says Jimmy Burgess, this is the time to be real with yourself. The main reason farming efforts fail is a lack of consistency and commitment to executing on the marketing strategies needed for success.

3. Hit subscribe: 22 YouTube channels every agent should follow

According to Jimmy Burgess, there’s an incredible array of content available today to help with every aspect of real estate. Whether you’re looking for tips to improve your own video marketing or are seeking out expert advice on running your business, these YouTubers have got you covered.

4. Keller Williams’ chief growth officer abruptly resigns after 3 months

Tony Rogers, who served as chief growth officer following 17 years as CMO of Walmart, has resigned from kwx. His departure comes less than a month after CEO Carl Liebert’s exit.

5. First Guaranty Mortgage cuts 76% of workforce, leaving partners in lurch

Non-QM lender lender lays off three-fourths of workforce, saying it’s experienced “significant operating losses and cash flow challenges” and has been unable to obtain funding.